Comment on an appeal

Making a comment

Making a comment allows anyone to voice their opinion for or against any planning appeal.

Your comment should state whether you support the appeal proposals or not and give your reasons. If you do not support the appeal proposals, state if your reasons are your own or the same as those given by the local planning authority.

The Inspector will only consider information and evidence that is relevant to the appeal.  The relevant issues are listed in the local planning authority's decision notice.

Note that we do not accept comments that contain inflammatory, racist or abusive language.

How to find and appeal

You can search for an appeal by:

  • appeal reference
  • local planning authority
  • postcode
  • appellant/agent name


Existing appeals

To access appeals you have made, or comments you have made on an appeal, sign in to your account.

From your account, you can:

  • access documents and evidence submitted by the local planning authority and any interested parties.
  • submit your final comments on the appeal
  • access the Inspector's decision (when published)